“I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 48. I have had coaching with Anna for 12 months and I have found it to be one of the most helpful things I have ever done. I wasn’t sure initially whether coaching would be for me, as what I mostly wanted was help to understand how having undiagnosed ADHD has shaped my understanding of myself and what I have experienced in my life.

Anna got this immediately, she always seemed to to know what I was talking about, and to be able to put it into a context that made sense to me. Her warmth, encouragement and empathetic understanding has been amazing. Anna helped me to see that this ‘exploration’ was an important aspect of coaching, and that coaching could be whatever I needed it to be.” 

Karen P.  


“I was really stuck, before I started working with Anna. Alongside this, I had an inkling that I had ADHD and I wanted to better understand the ways that this was affecting my life. I’m not the most disciplined person but some of what we discussed did go in, and I’m in a braver, more curious place. Now, I’ll happily fact find to make informed decisions, rather than procrastinate from a place of being overwhelmed. Anna was very patient, understanding and knowledgeable about ADHD. I learnt a lot.”

L. Morrison 

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