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Hi, I’m Coach Anna Schlapp and I specialise in coaching creative and talented people. I primarily coach people with ADHD either who already have a diagnosis or are waiting for a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD/AuDHD/Autism and other co-occurring conditions. I have been coaching people with neurodiverse brains since 2014.

My passion is to help people fulfil their true potential, and create a better future for themselves, as people who can understand and manage their ADD/ADHD. ADD/ADHD comes in many shapes and forms, so I also coach people who may have other co-occurring conditions, e.g. Autism or Dyslexia, or Sensory Processing Differences, which is extremely common with ADD/ADHD.

Who I coach

My clients are multi-talented and have many skills, yet often feel they are not using them the way they would like to be. They frequently feel stuck in roles or held back by their ADHD and would like to be able to change aspects of their lives at work, or to move on and find something that suits their unique profile better. They may have been diagnosed and take medication, or they may not. I also work with people who are waiting to be diagnosed, and are impatient to get on with their lives in the meantime. With a desire to succeed in life, they commonly feel like they are coming up against a brick wall or something is getting in the way. Brimming with ideas and dreams, they just aren’t sure where to start to make them a reality.

Benefits of coaching

Just some of the benefits people experience when working with me are; understanding themselves better, and appreciating their unique qualities and strengths, understanding the ADHD brain, learning ways to manage their emotional states, and feeling better about the fact they have ADHD as a result. Other benefits include increased focus and attention, awareness of what has been hindering them from increasing their productivity, being able to overcome procrastination, getting started and finishing projects, getting more organised and managing time more effectively.

My own ADHD journey

Like so many people with ADD/ADHD, I spent many years wondering what it was that made me feel so different from everyone else. One day I was researching the internet to try & find ways to help my daughter focus better during lessons at school, and I read a list of ADHD symptoms that described me to a T. This began a life-changing journey that led me to want to help others who have struggles similar to my own, and learn the means to support and empower them to change their lives through understanding their own unique brain wiring and cluster of symptoms, and develop strategies to overcome them and work with them, as I have.

9 years ago I took the decision to train with the ADD Coach Academy in the US, the world’s gold standard in ADHD Coach training. Coaching has been instrumental in changing my own life in ways I could not have imagined years ago. It has helped me grow and change as an individual, as well as helping me with my own ADHD traits and brain wiring.

How coaching can help you

People tell me they begin to feel much more positive and hopeful as they develop understanding of their own particular ADD/ADHD symptoms, as we identify individualised strategies which work for them. I am passionate about helping people explore and develop their ADHD strengths, their talents, gifts, and their character strengths, and incorporate a robust strengths focus into their lives. To help me do this, I completed a Character Strengths Interventions Masterclass series given by Ryan Niemiec, Psy.D, Education Director of the VIA Institute on Character, widely considered to be the world’s leading expert on the science and practice of character strengths.

People leave coaching empowered to go off and live their lives with much more hope and confidence!

If the above sounds like the kind of help you are looking for to move forwards in YOUR life, please get in touch to arrange a free initial consultation, where we can discuss your needs.

Here’s to your future growth and success!

We regularly update this website, adding pages and information when new events and services are coming up, so please be sure to call by again soon! Let us know what you think! We welcome constructive feedback.


Here’s what people are saying about Coach Anna:

“ADHD coaching was recommended to me by my psychiatrist after my diagnosis. My most noticeable challenges at the time were time blindness, not being able to prioritise, and my emotions.

So much changed during coaching! After my time with Anna, I’m now better in tune with myself and understand how I function to the best of my ability. I’ve learnt to be kinder to myself and engage in more fulfilling self-care which in turn is helping me to thrive and not just survive.

The best thing about coaching for me was having a soundboard each week and being able to let off steam/moan/cry about what I was struggling with that someone who was neurotypical may not understand. It was really refreshing. I felt safe and listened to more than I ever did in any other setting.

I would definitely recommend Anna’s coaching services to others. Anna is attentive and lets you lead the session, giving her views and feedback as and when necessary. Anna didn’t once make me feel awkward when I went off on tangents or struggled to answer certain things, and I felt I was able to be 100% myself.

If you’re thinking about having ADHD coaching I would say, if you put the work in, it can be life changing for you as it has been for me!”

Becky Lawrence

“Thanks to Anna’s coaching and interventions, I have DEFINITELY noticed a remarkable difference in how I work and how I think about work. Before being coached by Anna I was downhearted, de-motivated and considering leaving a job I like in a beautiful place. I was overwhelmed and thought of myself as pretty useless. Thanks to Anna’s coaching, my feeling has completely changed. I’ve got workable techniques and systems in place that help me achieve my work goals. I’ve also brought these into my home life and personal admin.

Anna and I carefully looked at and then refined any systems I had in place, adding in adjustments and new approaches where relevant. This meant a smooth development of my ways of working instead of imposing new methods that may fall by the wayside later. She kept me on track during our meetings and her process of session-planning meant that every minute of coaching time was well-used.

It was significant to me that Anna had an ADHD diagnosis. I knew that she really understood me and how my brain worked and I trusted her judgement effortlessly. 

I felt so safe and looked after thanks to Anna’s coaching, but now it’s over, I still feel empowered to maintain her approaches on my own. Her coaching has made a permanent, positive difference to how I work.

I would heartily recommend Anna’s wise, experienced and effective coaching to people with ADHD requiring support and assistance in their workplace and beyond.”


“Anna is a wonderful coach! ADHD coaching has been a real revelation for me. I was diagnosed this year at the age of 38 and have been researching and trying to understand myself in the context of ADHD ever since. I struggled with organisation, emotional regulation, procrastination, confidence and achieving my goals to name a few! Coaching with Anna has been validating, challenging and empowering. It’s been an opportunity to consider my goals, strengths and values in the context of my ADHD and to start to act on these with intention and renewed confidence. Together we’ve come up with tools that feel right for me, that I’ve been able to apply to daily life and that I know I will use to keep moving forward . Thanks Anna!”


“Working with Anna over the last 4 months has been completely life changing. It has been so helpful to understand why my brain works in certain ways and some things seem harder, and then find practical solutions to address these challenges.”

“In reflection, having coaching sessions with someone who specialises in ADHD was hugely rewarding for me. Being diagnosed in my early 40s sent me into a spin of how I reflect back over my past, and how I perceive myself now, and the coaching helped me to really get to grips with the opportunity that this understanding of myself in this new light has created.  Coaching with you Anna enabled me to look at organisational and emotional aspects of how I was coping, and to start to improve them in a way I hadn’t been able to before.  It has also enabled me to start learning how to approach my future life in a way that creates opportunity from my ADHD, and keeps healing the scars of my past.

So thank you!”

Client wishes to remain anonymous.


“After being diagnosed with ADD at the age of 50 I needed help beyond medication to manage my symptoms and cope more effectively with the daily challenges of daily personal and working life without feeling constantly overwhelmed. Working with Anna was hugely beneficial and at the same time enjoyable. Anna is very down to earth and easy to talk to, she listened and tailored coaching around my needs. Anna’s strength-based coaching method encouraged me to do the work to develop healthy coping strategies for my ADD which at the same time boosted my confidence and self-esteem. Thanks again Anna!”



“Coaching with Anna has been completely invaluable to me in coming to understand my ADHD brain’s unique way of thinking. Anna is a positive, and very knowledgeable person in her field with a gentle and compassionate energy. She is a wonderful listener and I always come away from our sessions with a feeling of clarity and spirits uplifted.

Since starting our sessions last year, I have learned to be more open-minded about the way I approach the hurdles in my life and feel much kinder and forgiving towards myself. I suspected I had ADHD in addition to having been diagnosed with ASD as a child, and I have never been entirely happy with myself for feeling different. Anna’s reassurance on not trying to force myself into a neurotypical mould has encouraged me not only to like myself more but has directed my focus to what truly makes me happy.

Our sessions have challenged me in a gentle and positive way and I am finally starting to recognise and challenge the typical ADHD patterns and negative spirals I’ve been stuck in my entire life. Having learned a spectrum of new approaches, I have seen an immense improvement in my organisational skills, mood and the brain fog that previously clouded my day. I will be forever thankful for the confidence and knowledge I have gained.”

-Danni C.

“I came to Anna for coaching after being diagnosed with ADHD at 26 years old. I thought the diagnosis would solve everything but it left me feeling very lost and confused. I was completely overwhelmed and felt like I knew nothing about ADHD and what was going on inside my head. Anna educated me on all aspects of ADHD, from the variety of symptoms to the role of executive functions. She listened whilst I reeled off all my thoughts and she validated my feelings. 

Learning that so many of my issues (high sensitivity, emotional regulation, overwhelm, procrastination etc) were due to differences in how my brain works, relieved the guilt and blame I had put upon myself my whole life and now I can accept who I am and stop trying to mould myself into someone “better”. I’ve now learnt ways of coping with these issues, and techniques to overcome them so I can achieve my goals.

I’d highly recommend anyone with a new diagnosis, or anyone feeling lost, to see Anna so she can help with those feelings and you can learn to accept yourself.”


 “I started using Anna’s services at a point where I had given up hope of being able to fulfil my potential and function effectively in the work environment. I believed that I was destined to always feel undermined by my ADHD. Over the course of roughly 8 months Anna has helped me to find ways to manage my environment, attitude and routine, to work with my ADHD. By using various techniques and understanding what helps and hinders me, I now feel more in control on a daily basis.”

Jason Thompson 

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