One to One Coaching

“Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute; 
          What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it; 
                                                   Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”           Attributed to Goethe by W.H. Murray.

Career change programme (4 months structured programme)

This programme is designed for people who are considering a different career path.

You could be between jobs, or currently employed somewhere but feeling unfulfilled in some  way. You may be facing a change in life circumstances which leads you to wonder if this is the moment for a change of occupation. You may be stressed or unhappy, or you may just feel underappreciated or underpaid. Whatever the reason, you are now thinking about your options for moving in a different direction, and you want a coach to guide you through the process.

This programme helps you decide whether career change is desirable or necessary for you at this time, and whether you wish to pursue employment, self-employment, further training/education, or something else entirely.

We take a deep dive into who you are at work, taking a look at your abilities, talents and skills. There is particular emphasis on discovering and building on your strengths, so you feel confident in knowing what you bring to any future position, and what helps you be at your best. We shine a spotlight on your dreams and aspirations as well as your past successes.

Interactive exercises and worksheets in between sessions bring greater insight and clarity to the process.

Coaching sessions take place weekly for 3 weeks per month, for a total of 12 sessions.

Please get in touch with Coach Anna to enquire about possible start dates and programme fees.

Personal development programme

This programme is for those who would like to get to know themselves better, and who are interested in and enjoy the process of self-evaluation and reflection. People often choose this option if they are in the midst of re-assessing themselves and their lives in the light of a recent or past diagnosis. 

We look at the entirety of YOU through the lens of ADHD. Everything is on the table – thoughts, feelings, behaviours, habits helpful or unhelpful, your beliefs about yourself and what’s possible, your understanding of how the ADHD brain works. This programme will help you discover your own particular brand of ADHD and how you function at your best, your strengths, what supports you and nourishes you. You will build up a toolbox of personalised strategies that you can use for the rest of your life to empower you and propel you forwards.

Online assessments, questionnaires and worksheets complement the self-reflection process.

You have 2 options : structured 4 month or 8 month programme. Coaching sessions take place weekly for 3 weeks per month.

Please get in touch with Coach Anna to enquire about potential start dates. Fees will be dependent on the duration of the chosen programme.


One to one Coaching Packages – 3 months duration


This coaching package may suit you if you already know exactly what you want and just need an extra boost to help you get there.

3 x 50 minute sessions per month = total of 9 sessions. Contact in between sessions via text or email.

One to one Coaching Packages – 6 months duration


This coaching package is for you if you are recently diagnosed, or suspect you have ADHD, and you have several things you wish to address.

3 x 50 minute sessions per month. Contact in between sessions via text or email. Short phone calls if required.

 This is your time…..Who will you decide to be ?
For all enquiries about one to one coaching please contact Coach Anna here


Health and Wellbeing for ADHD Foundation Programme (Monthly)

This is a structured programme over a longer time period with monthly sessions. In this programme we put your Health and Wellbeing practices under the spotlight, with the purpose of helping you build a picture of what you need to promote, support and maintain optimal functioning. People often wish to explore other avenues before turning to medication, and this programme covers the basics of Foundational Health and Wellbeing together with some alternative approaches to Optimal Functioning with ADHD.

Each month we will examine together a Pillar of Optimal Functioning with ADHD. You may be at one of several stages for this process : New information : Explore in more depth : Implementation : or Augmentation.

All stages are valuable parts of the process, and you may be at different stages of understanding/ putting into practice for each of the various Pillars. This is natural and expected.

You will spend time between sessions on researching, exploring, implementing or augmenting, in the service of the specific goals you have collaborated on and agreed with your coach.

Email contact (or other forms or communication) between sessions is encouraged, and helps maintain momentum and keep objectives in mind.

Part one of the programme begins with 6 x 50 minute sessions over 8 weeks. This is a time for assessment and in-depth visioning to clarify your next steps for the second part of the programme.

In part two we will be working together on the Pillars you have selected. Each session takes place for 90 minutes once per month, giving you time to work on your chosen objectives in between sessions.

The programme duration varies from a 6 months option (Fast Track) to one year option (Comprehensive). Fees depend upon the option chosen.

Places for this option are limited so please get in touch with Coach Anna to find out about current availability and potential start dates.


Discovery and Strategy session 

A stand-alone 90 minute coaching session for those who are either completely new to coaching, or for those seeking to understand more about what coaching is and how it works, before making the commitment to invest in a coaching engagement over a period of time.

This session is divided into two halves of 45 minutes each, with a comfort break in the middle. The first part consists of a “Strengths Matrix”, where we begin to unearth your hidden strengths, and the second part is a strategic coaching session focused on the next 6 months to one year of your life.

Fee for this standalone session is £125.00.

Get in touch here to book your session today with Coach Anna


Interactive workshops

Live – “Discover your ADHD Strengths!”   Paused during Covid-19

please see Events page for details


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