About Anna Schlapp, BA, AACC, ACC – ADHD Coach and Creativity Coach.

Anna Schlapp, BA, AACC, ACC, ADHD Coach and Creativity Coach, is proud to be a graduate and Associate Certified Coach of the prestigious ADD Coaching Academy. (ADDCA) and Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Anna Schlapp is the founder of Remarkable Difference ADHD Coaching. She is based in South West England, United Kingdom and coaches people with or without ADHD and Autism across the world. She particularly enjoys working with creatives, students, mums, executives, and people with an entrepreneurial streak. 

As well as running her coaching business, being a mum and writing whenever possible, Anna is also a keen artist who likes experimenting with a wide range of media and subject matter. Anna enjoys organic gardening, and particularly relishes raising edible crops. Anna loves trying new recipes from all over the world, and cooking dishes from the vegetables and fruit she grows is a particular pleasure.

Anna’s passion is to help people fulfil their true potential; creating a better future for themselves, as people who can understand, manage and work with their ADD/ADHD. As someone who has experienced many of the challenges of ADHD first-hand herself, Anna’s passion in life is now to help others become the people they want to be.

Anna’s signature VIA Character Strengths are: Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Love, Love of Learning, Zest, Curiosity, Gratitude, Hope and Creativity. Signature Strengths are the top 5-7 Character Strengths as they appear in your VIA survey ranking. You can work in depth on your Character Strengths with Anna. To take the free VIA survey, and learn more about your own Character Strengths click here.


Anna has a daughter who has traits of ADHD and Autism and other additional needs. Before training as an ADHD coach, Anna spent some years involved in her daughter’s Special School both as a governor and facilitator of Person Centred Reviews. She also worked as a trainer across Devon with various groups, helping to raise awareness of the challenges faced by parents of children with Special Needs. She currently enjoys running local workshops on various subjects relating to behaviour change and productivity. Find out more

Before training as a coach and starting her own ADHD Coaching practice, Anna previously worked as a trainer and facilitator, training teams and facilitating workshops for various public sector (within Health, Education and Social Care) and 3rd sector organisations all over Devon.

Anna has been involved for many years feeding back to services what it means to be a parent of a child/young person with a disability, assisting in delivering Open University course modules among others, to help students better understand approaches that work with these families.

Anna has also participated in research involving engagement with seldom heard groups, to enable their voices to be heard and to support and empower them to have more control in their own lives and open up new opportunities for them.

Anna has also worked as a volunteer for a local charity, helping vulnerable adults to transition from supported accommodation into managing their own tenancies and getting their lives back on track.


As a mother of someone with multiple additional needs, Anna is well aware of some of the challenges facing parents bringing up a child/young person with “difference.”

Following the changes to the former “statementing” system of Special Educational Needs, Anna has felt first hand, the impact that bringing in the new Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) has had, as she has spent much time and energy navigating the new system with her own young person, and helping other parents in the process.

Anna actively participates in feeding back the views of parent /carers to commissioners and stakeholders with the aim of informing policies which can help build a fairer and better society for all people with Learning Differences, of whatever kind or combination.


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